Syfy's space opera drama "The Expanse" is going well so far, with each episode adding new thrill and suspense to a story that is keeping the audience hooked.

Carrying on the trait, the next episode of the series, titled "Back to the Butcher", will show some unexpected turns of events that will undoubtedly leave the fans enthralled.

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As mentioned in the official synopsis, while Miller makes headway into Julie Mao's disappearance, Holden and his crew are offered salvation. However, none of them know anything about this mysterious saviour, whose identity is not yet revealed.

Given that Holden has had bitter experiences after  trusting strangers, it will be not so easy for him to follow this saviour's advice.

Elsewhere, Miller finds some shocking evidences while tracing Mao. Though he is not sure what these clues are, he has no doubt he is on the right trail, and might find the whereabouts of Mao very soon.

In the previous episode, titled "CQB", on Ceres, Miller identified the dead "Nightbandit31" as a data broker with an implanted, encrypted memory storage.

In the asteroid belt, the Donnager'​s pursuer revealed itself as one of the six ships of the type that had attacked the Canterbury, and began firing torpedoes.

Unexpectedly at a technological disadvantage, the Martian ship took heavy damage and Shed Garvey was killed by a rail gun shot.

As the Donnager was being boarded, the surviving Canterbury crew were evacuated on the Martian captain's orders, narrowly escaping aboard a small corvette immediately before the Donnager self-destructed to avoid capture.

Far out at Tycho Station, where a massive generation ship, the Nauvoo, was being built on behalf of the Mormon Church, station manager Fred Johnson turned the Nauvoo's sensors towards the battle.

Whether Miller finds Mao will be revealed only in the next episode.