'God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers', isn't the saying true! The world would indeed fall apart if there were no mothers. Juggling through life while raising children and acing professional responsibilities demands an out-of-the-world superpower.

Raising kids is an art. Some make it into a highly precise science, but most of them are like tigresses protecting their cubs and while going through this whirlwind of parenting responsibilities, you are bound to go bonkers once in a while.

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This is what the next show of, ALTBalaji, and ZEE5 'Mentalhood' all about. The trailer of Mentalhood is filled with highs and lows, and being a parent can surely be one thankless job. The trailer showcases the topsy-turvy ride of the various kinds of mothers that exist and how they manoeuvre their way through unreasonable expectations and eccentricities to raise their children.

Giving a glimpse into the life of these supermoms, the trailer highlights everyday challenges that a mother goes through. Seeing the range of a parent's emotions, work-life balance along with their constant battle to discipline and keeping a tab on their kid's behaviour is sure to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience.

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With each mother being different in their own way, the trailer strikes the right chord with all of them being completely contrasting characters. Featuring a large pool of talented actors the web-series features Karisma Kapoor, as Meira Sharma, who hails from a small town, along with her husband Anmol (played by Sanjay Suri) who do their best to be the perfect dream team for their three kids.

 And if that wasn't enough, the web series also features Dino Morea as a stay-at-home dad named Aakash Fernandes, Sandhya Mridul as 'Momzilla' Anuja Joshi, Shilpa Shukla as a workaholic mom Namrata, Shruti Seth playing the role of a 'boho mom' named Diksha and lastly, Tillotama Shome as the 'pushover mom' Preity.

At the press conference, Ekta spoke about being a single parent and working with Karisma Kapoor.

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International Business Times brings to you the round-up of the PC where Ekta went candid and shared that she will raise her child Ravie in both sweet and sour world as mother and father

Ekta Kapoor on surrogacy and being a single parent

I was a big fan of Lolo, we have grown up together she is my contemporary. and wanted to work with her. I wanted something to do with spoke about ampathy.no one I was panning surrogacy. All through the surrogacy journey, I was working on one was born on 27 January last year and one now.

The best part of being a single parent is there are no fairy tales. I will tell him that the world is full of sweet and sour and your one parent will love you for two. Dino's character is on my brother Tusshar.

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I am the senior-most parent at the podium. For MOM means 'Master of Multitasking' The reason I took this show is for every mother out there who is absolutely unrelenting towards her parenting responsibilities. I play the role of Meira, who comes from a small-town & then shifts to Mumbai and stumbles onto an absolutely crazy metropolitan city.

It is an absolute family show that will see Meira struggle to craft the perfect idealistic family life in the concrete jungle, that we know as Mumbai. Being a mother of two has certainly helped me in understanding Meira better and I totally relate to the madness that her motherhood demands. I am certain that the mothers of today's generation will also understand this 'mother in distress' completely.

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My character Aakash Fernandes is a stay-at-home single father to two kids, who tries to enjoy every day playing the role of both a mother and a father. Having said that, being the only single parent sees him extremely popular in his locality. I am sure the viewers will love my role, as it is for the first time I am playing a doting father, a character to which every single father will connect.