The illustrious Robertson family will return to A&E with season 9 of their reality show "Duck Dynasty" on Wednesday, 13 January. This time, the long-bearded millionaires and their families will deal with personal and business-related problems like they always do – as a family.

In the new season, the Robertsons have hired an office manager who is appalled at the amount of time this large family spends playing games and joking around. In the promo shared on the official Facebook page of 'Duck Dynasty on A&E', he is seen asking the brothers, "Is this what you guys do all day?"

He is looking to make a difference and one of the priority tasks would be to create a punch-in-punch-out policy for the brothers. However, some of the Robertsons, especially Jase, do not seem to be responding well to the new rules.

Jase is seen breaking a framed photograph of the manager before telling the cameras, "I do not take orders from beardless men." it seems he will have a difficult season ahead, especially with his daughter's impending cheerleading event.

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In another promo video of "Duck Dynasty" season 9, Jase is seen telling his young daughter Mia that her mother's plane is delayed and that he will be the one dressing her up for the cheerleading event. She reminds him that it will not be easy because he will not only have to apply make up on her, but also braid her hair.

Jase is surprised that cheerleading does not involve pom-poms like it used to during his time, but he is still willing to do what he can for his daughter. He refuses to pass the duty on to any of his sisters-in-law, despite Mia suggesting she would ask her aunts to help her get dressed.

Jase is adamant, mostly because he knows how important the competition is, considering the entire family, including his father, will be present. This would be the last cheerleading event that Mia attends before her surgery for the cleft lip and every Robertson member wants to show their support for her.

It will be interesting to see how Jase steps in and saves the day for his little girl in the upcoming episode of "Duck Dynasty".

Watch out for season 9 episode 1 of "Duck Dynasty" at 9 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 13 January. You can also live stream the premiere episode via A&E TV.