The love triangle between Amina Buddafly, Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace has always been a topic of great interest to "Love & Hip Hop New York" fans, and six seasons down the line, their relationship has only gotten more toxic. Despite being married to Amina and having a daughter with her, Peter was seen trying to get back together with Tara in Season 6 Episode 1 and things are now more volatile than ever before.

Amina has now learned that she is pregnant with Peter's second child and what should have been happy news is marred by the fact that he is looking to get back together with his baby mama. While Peter keeps frequenting between Amina and Tara, both women are in agreement that their love for him is actually poisonous for them personally.

With Amina's twin sister out of town, she feels alone and lost, which is why she called an unlikely confidant and friend -- Peter's oldest daughter Whitney. When Amina relates her predicament to her, Whitney seems unfazed, saying, "My dad has a good hear, but when it comes to women my dad has a problem".

Whitney goes on to reveal that the way Peter treated her mother and other women around her, has affected her. And while Peter insists that Whitney should not date someone like him, she wants him to be an example. Whitney goes on to ask Amina if that is what she wants for her own daughter. "Do you want that for Cori? Do you want her to see her dad come home sometimes?"

Amina collects her thoughts and tells the cameras that she will do what needs to be done, to protect little Cori from her mistakes. She also says, "Despite everything that Peter has put me through I love him. But I know that loving him is hurting me".

Does this mean Amina is going to ask for divorce from Peter? More importantly, will she decide to not bring yet another child to a broken house?

Find out it Season 6 Episode 5 of "Love & Hip Hop New York" which will be aired at 8 pm (EST) on Monday, 11 January. You can also live stream "Endings & Beginnings" via vh1 Website.