As season 6 of "Downton Abbey" progresses, the plot has gotten more interesting. Several characters face their worst fears: Anna (Joane Froggatt) and Bates (Brendan Coyle) struggle to make a baby; Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) is blackmailed by a stranger; Under butler Thomas Barrow (Rob James-Collier) is on the verge of losing his job and the Dowager (Maggie Smith) deals with the prospect of losing her hospital. In the latest episode, this fear of impending doom lingers over the unlucky couple, Anna and Bates.

In episode 4, the valet relentlessly pursues his wife, Anna, to tell him about something she's hiding. Those who've watched the show until now will remember that the Lady's maid hints at a possible pregnancy in episode 3. However, it remains to be seen if the pregnancy is confirmed, or she suffers a miscarriage. 

Other storylines in episode 4 will explore Lady Mary's love life. At the end of season 5, the eldest of the Crawleys meets a testosterone induced Henry Talbot, who races around in his cars. Mary, who is fascinated by him, will finally get a chance to talk more at a dinner at the estate. 

Apart from this, a former housemaid makes a guest appearance on the show. Gwen Dawson, who left her post in search of a secretarial job in season 1 arrives with another person. However, her reasons for returning to Downton are not yet known.

The Telegraph predicted that episode 4 might include the death of a character. A recent article on the website speculated, "The Earl of Grantham's (Hugh Bonneville) complaint of 'a bit of indigestion' in the last episode could mean something ominous if previous series are anything to go by. Would Julian Fellowes really be prepared to kill off Downton's patriarch?"

The synopsis for episode 4 released by Carter Matt reads: 

As Tom and Sybbie settle back into life at Downton, the family and servants are surprised with the return of another old friend in unexpected circumstances. A visit from Sergeant Willis leaves Baxter with a dilemma, while Thomas struggles to fill Mr Carson's shoes. As a crisis takes Anna and Mary to London, will Bates find out what Anna has been keeping from him? Daisy has a bone to pick with Cora and Mary's eye is caught by an admirer.

"Downton Abbey" season 6 episode 4 airs on Sunday, 11 October at 9pm on ITV. You can watch the episode online via ITV Player