Even before Julian Fellowes' period drama, "Downton Abbey" aired its sixth season, fans of the show have speculated and guessed that Anna will become a mother this season. Well, it looks like Julian Fellowes has listened very keenly to what fans to have to say, and has introduced the baby angle to Anna and Bates' marriage.

In episode 1, Anna is crushed at the prospect of not being able to conceive. Although she doesn't tell this to Lady Mary in the beginning, we could hazard a guess that she wrestles it out of Anna.

Episode 2, titled "Carnival" will document this journey that the two take but it remains to be seen if there is indeed a solution to Anna's baby situation.

Furthermore, episode 2 will also include a local carnival in the village. We reported that the estate's owners and staff mingle with the villagers. During this, Lord Grantham is approached by one of the villagers, who gives him information about Edith and her child, Marigold.

Cartermatt released the synopsis of episode 2.

You can read the summary here:

As planning for their wedding gets underway, Lady Mary's meddling gets Mr Carson into trouble with Mrs Hughes. Cora and Violet lock horns over plans for the hospital takeover. Thomas's job search continues with disappointing results. An idea of Mary's takes Anna to London and offers fresh hope. Edith faces challenges at the magazine but a problem closer to home reaches breaking point. What begins as a happy day out for the family and servants ends in panic and leaves Robert with a difficult decision to make.

"Downton Abbey" season 6, episode 2 titled "Carnival" airs on Sunday, 27 September, at 9pm on ITV. You can live stream the episode here.