Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2, the open world action-adventure video game from developer Ubisoft, will welcome a new Human Conditions DLC on Tuesday (February 21).

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The DLC has been touted to be the biggest content addition that has been ever added to the game.

This DLC marks the expansion of the current main story. Players will have to challenge the security measures that are in place from the corporations and from Bratva. There will be three extra DedSec operations and Elite Co-op challenges. the players will see Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney coming to the rescue to face these new challenges. This new content will also bring Jordi too, according to iDigitalTimes.

According to Ethan Petty, scriptwriter, though Jordi might not get the membership badge, he might align himself with them. But they need to stay out of his "scope."

The game is said to feature new elements like drone navigation, net hack or VR puzzles. Further, there will a new enemy called Jammer. He can disable hackable objects within a limited range. Players will have to "adapt and change strategies."

The DLC will also give Marcus Holloway new challenges and enemies in areas that the players would not have seen before.

Human Conditions DLC for PS4 will release on Tuesday but as for PC and Xbox One, it will release on March 23.