Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2 has new protagonist and new location.Ubisoft

Watch Dogs 2, the open world action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, has been hit by reports of lower sales than its predecessor Watch Dogs. But Ubisoft is optimistic that sales will pick up in the coming weeks.

"We're incredibly happy with critics' and players' very positive reception of Watch Dogs 2, which should bolster support for the long-term success of the game," Ubisoft said in a statement.

The new game has a new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, who has parkour abilities apart from his ability to hack, drive and more. The new game takes place in San Francisco, after it becomes the city after Chicago to install the ctOS (central Operating System). Holloway joins DedSec, who are trying expose corruption by using the information from ctOS.

However, the game allows players to make some quick bucks so that they are able to advance further in the game.

YouTube user, WikiGameGuides shared this money farming guide for Watch Dogs 2.

Guide on how to earn $18,000 every 40 seconds:

Players will have to repeatedly steal money from the same person.

Step 1: Launch the Main operation 'Eye For An Eye'

Step 2: Reach the Fifth Step to trigger the Sub-Mission 'A Real Dog Fight'

Step 3: Once you reach the Elevator, head inside the hack the Camera

Step 4: Look for Carlos Pablo (Gang Leader) and Loot his Money

Step 5: Go to Game Options and Restart the Last Checkpoint

Step 6: Repeat until the player's satisfaction