"Documentary Now!" a mocumentary series, premiered on IFC on Thursday, 20 August to widespread appreciation and applause. The six-episode series created by and starring Saturday Night Live alums Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers recreate many popular documentaries with a comic twist.

The first episode titled "Sandy Passage", was a remake of Maysels Brothers' documentary that recreates the lives of a mother-daughter duo, Little Vivvy and Big Vivvy, portrayed by Hader and Armisen respectively. The team behind the mocumentary series underwent painstaking efforts to make it look as similar to the original as possible. From the grainy quality of the video to the lingering shots on inanimate objects in the house, the series has paid a brilliant homage to the original film.

The next episode in the series titled "DRONEZ: The Hunt for El Chingon" will be about two hipster reporters - Armisen and Hader - who try to find El Chingon, the head of a drug carter in Juarez, Mexico. Although they have been warned not to track him, the men are hell-bent on doing just that, because they were raised on a tough Brooklyn neighbourhood, and even have tote bags to prove that.

The episode will also feature Jack Black as the founder of Dronez, a consortium of journalists investigating dangerous situations.

Watch out for episode 2 of "Documentary Now!" on Thursday, 27 August on IFC. You can also live stream "Sandy Passage" via IFC Watch Now