Frozen 2 movie trailer
Disney Frozen 2 movie trailerDisney Frozen (@disneyfrozen/Instagram)

As the Frozen 2 movie is set to bring back Elsa, Olaf, Anna, and other gang members, speculations are being raised that the third part of the franchise will finally see Elsa getting a girlfriend. Elsa's Academy Award-winning song "Let It Go" had raised speculations around an LGBTQ angle, that might be explored in the later movies of the franchise. 

After the first movie broke all the box-office records and went on to win an Oscar, several fans connected the dots and stated that Elsa's "Let It Go" should become an anthem. The viewers formulated theories around what would happen if Elsa gets a girlfriend. 

Several reports have suggested that we might get to see Elsa getting into a romantic relationship with a girl in Frozen 2. However, based on the recently released trailer, it does not look like we will be seeing Elsa exploring her relationships.

That being said, We Got This Covered has recently stated that Disney wanted to bring a love interest in Frozen 2 but was worried that some countries would end up banning the film because of the LGBTQ angle. 

Further talking about Frozen 2, producer Peter Del Vecho has recently said that there are no plans whatsoever to bring the story of Elsa and her friends to life via live-action film. During his recent conversation with, he stated that there have been no conversations about a live-action version of Frozen movie.

"I think Frozen lives in our animated world at the moment, and that's the right place for it."

Contrary to the above speculations about Elsa getting a girlfriend, Peter added that there have been no discussions about Frozen 3 movie as Frozen 2 is still in the final stage of production.

"What was important to us to create a movie that felt tied to the first movie and complete in and of itself. That's how we approached the first movie. I can't think beyond it, we haven't even finished this movie yet, so to even think of the possibility of starting this process all over again seems daunting to me," Peter Del Vecho said.

However, given the fact that the Frozen movie franchise already has its fan base, it is for sure that any subsequent movie is going to bring millions of dollars in profit. 

Disney's Frozen 2 movie is scheduled to release on November 22, 2019.