Actress Deepika Padukone is the topmost choice when it comes to being the face of brands and also, one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood. The actress is currently the face of multiple brands of electricity, beauty, jewellery, clothing, and a lot more.

A video of an ad commercial, which features Deepika as a modern woman is going viral on social media and in this video, a man watches Deepika from afar, talking about her workplaces. She is dressed in western formal wear and party wear.

Deepika Padukone

Amazed with her looks, the man falls in love with her. He even makes cutouts of her on and wonders which outfit she would look the best in. His mother tells him to imagine her in a sari and then he decides on it.


On the other hand, Deepika, who is a modern woman at work, is traditional at heart. Takes off her show during arti at the office, touches her grandparent's feet, wears a modern dress to a party but sticks to saying 'namaste' only. Too impressed with the way she is, the man gets bowled over her and goes to her house to seek her hand in marriage.

Young Deepika looks charming, beautiful and she reminds us of the struggles every artiste who wants to make her film debut as an actress has to go through.


This video is definitely more than a decade ago and fans of the actress have loved watching it again. Comments on this video on YouTube are completely different from what we see on social media. And yes, there is one more Malayalam ad of the same brand, which shows her life after marriage. From missing her parents to taking care of chores, Deepika remembers how she was pampered by her parents.

Disappointed with the fact that she is missing her parents, her husband calls them home and it was a surprise to the actress. Not all sections of Deepika's fans are happy with how the actress was portrayed in the ad and have called it cringe.