David Warner
Warner has been consistently booed this season in EnglandMARCO LONGARI/AFP/Getty Images

David Warner has been at the receiving end of hostility from the English crowd throughout the Ashes series and before that, in the World Cup. Unfortunately for the stocky left-hander, his on-field form in the Ashes series has been even more tortuous. In the seven innings that he has played so far, Warner has managed just five half-centuries and has been out to Stuart Broad four times.

His fate is diametrically-opposed to that of Steve Smith. He too has been at the receiving end of booing and jeering but, due to his superlative performances, the pain of adverse reaction from the crowd has probably been alleviated.

While television viewers only get to see the collective hooting of Warner when he comes out to bat or fields a ball, there are bound to be a lot of ugly comments from individuals being thrown at him as well. A video has now surfaced on Twitter where a fan in the crowd is heard shouting a profanity at Warner as he, along with his teammates, head down a staircase to take the field.

This anonymous fan shouts at the opening batsmen: "Warner, you f***king cheat!" Now, Warner isn't the coolest person around and can lose his temper at times. But on this occasion, his response was so brilliant that he is earning praise from Twitterati.

Not only did he not respond in any verbal manner to the offending crowd member but gave a reaction which suggests he is getting used to this sort of thing.

Check out this video for yourself: