Every award show has a reputation of its own, and proves your stand among the fans, but it is the Critics' Choice Awards that prove you have impressed those who cannot be impressed — critics. The 2016 Critics' Choice Awards will be hosted by comedian TJ Miller aka Weasel from "Deadpool" and Erlich from "Silicon Valley", and he has promised he will bring the kind of humour that lets even the losers enjoy the night.

Miller explained to "LA Times" he was going to help as much as he can in writing his jokes for the night, and unlike Ricky Gervais — the host of the 2016 Golden Globes — he does not want to get slaughtered once the show is over. He is also not planning to making mean jokes that make the audience uncomfortable.

"There is a schadenfreude in that that I don't particularly enjoy. The joke of Hollywood is it's filled with scum and hollowness and emptiness, and you guys are all whining brats. To me, it's more interesting to look at how important culture, and how important art, is in people's lives right now. That stems from me as a comedian thinking comedy is really important. Even losers should really have a good time tonight. Have a good time, enjoy the drink, and celebrate some of the better stories," he said.

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Meanwhile, Amy Schumer, the star and creator of "Inside Amy Schumer" and the star and writer of "Trainwreck", will be honoured with the "Critics' Choice MVP Award". The winner of the Critics' Choice Genius Award 2016 has been kept under wraps, but we do know it will be given away by "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" director JJ Abrams. The "Most Bingeworthy TV Show" award, on the other hand, will be given based on fans' votes. "Empire", "Friends", "Game Of Thrones", "Orange Is The New Black", "Outlander", and "The Walking Dead" are the nominees in the category.

The entire ceremony will be telecast live on A&E, Lifetime and LMN. You can also live-stream Critics' Choice Awards 2016 via A&E live and mylifetime.

Find the complete nominee list here.