"Criminal Minds" season 11 is going strong with BAU solving intriguing and exciting cases week after week. After solving a cold case involving a meth-head biker in Las Vegas, the BAU will head to Detroit to nab an artist-turned serial killer.

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Last week in episode 4, we saw BAU solved a case involving two unsubs who had committed a violent crime of burning down a building with victims inside, six years ago. The duo comes back again. One of the two men goes to jail and after his release, the pair takes off from where they had left six years ago, by going into a diner, beating up the staff, raping the girl and shooting them dead.

"Outlaw" changed the course and switched to empathy mode when one of these men finds out that he has a son and this starts coming in the way of his judgement. He leaves a survivor (a man and his young son) at the scene of one of their crimes. The unsubs split ways as the one with a son decides to be with his son. Meanwhile, BAU manages to track down the unsubs and nab them.

This week's episode 5 is expected to be really intense and scary and BAU will investigate the case of a street artist-turned-serial killer, who incorporates the bodies of his victims into artwork and displays them on the street in Detroit.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lewis will be seen struggling to strike a balance between her job and her fiancée. The synopsis of the episode directed by series star Thomas Gibson, suggests that Tara Lewis' dilemma will lead to her departure from the show.

We know Tyler was cast to fill the void created by AJ Cook, who is on maternity leave. So, it's possible that the makers are making way for her exit so that AJ Cook aka JJ can comeback in episode 7 as announced by her on her Instagram account.

Plot synopsis for "The Night Watch" reads:

A notorious street artist becomes a suspect when corpses are used in macabre graffiti art in Detroit; Dr. Lewis tries to balance work and her relationship with her fiance.

"Criminal Minds" Season 11, episode 5 titled "The Night Watch" will air on CBS on 28 October, 9 pm.