After a long wait and series of speculations, "Criminal Minds" season 11 premiered on CBS on 30 September with an action-packed episode. The BAU team was back in "The Job" as they solved an unusual serial killer case. And now, Episode 2 titled "The Witness" will take the story and the team to LA.

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The pilot episode introduced fans to the new recruit in the BAU team, Dr Tara Lewis, who has joined as a forensic psychologist. Episode 1, titled "The Job" saw BAU trying to solve the murder case of a victim whose face was painted black and white. Rossi points out that the man was a victim of serial killing. And finally, the team discovered that their killer was a professional hit man who was killing his former clients.

Rossi, Morgan and Reid find their next victim in the car repair shop, but they manage to save his life. And they discover that the killer was tipped off by a mole in their team, only to find out that the mole was Captain Wilson and he helped because his wife had hired the hitman.

This week's Episode 2 will see the BAU team involved in another thrilling investigation as they foil a gas attack in LA. The preview of the episode titled "The Witness" shows Dr Tara playing a significant role in assisting the BAU team members pin down the person responsible for a poison gas attack on a LA bus.

The preview teases this episode to be the most action-packed episode of Season 11 and will surely have surprises and twists. Fans can also look forward to guest stars including "The Mentalist" star Tim Kang as Charlie Senerak, a medical supply worker and Marisol Nichols of "Teen Wolf" as FBI Agent Natalie Colfax, who helps the BAU to prevent another devastating attack in LA.

Plot synopsis for "The Witness" reads:

The BAU is called to Los Angeles and must work quickly after a city bus is attacked with sarin gas, killing many innocent people. They must stop whoever is responsible and prevent an imminent second attack, believed to be planned on a much larger scale. Guest stars include Marisol Nichols (NCIS, "24") as FBI Agent Natalie Colfax, who assists the BAU with the investigation, and Tim Kang ("The Mentalist") as Charlie Senerak, a medical supply worker.

"Criminal Minds" Season 11, Episode 2 titled "The Witness" will air on CBS on 7 October, 9PM.