"Criminal Minds" season 11 witnessed a very interesting episode last week (14 October) with Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) pinning down a delusional lady who is the bride-to-be serial killer. After an exciting episode 3, this week the team will head to Las Vegas to solve a cold case in episode 4, titled "Outlaw".

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In the episode, which was directed by Joe Mantegna, the team was seen investigating the murders of women who were killed the night before their weddings. While the team believed it was a man, at the end of it, they realise that it was actually a woman.

The episode saw guest star Ashley Fink from "Glee" play a florist who suffers from psychosis and kills three brides-to-be. Dana ran a bridal shop with her sister, and she was under the delusion that her love was instructing her to kill any girl who came in the shop and flirted with him.

In this week's episode 4, we will see how a homicide/robbery case takes the BAU to Las Vegas. The episode, titled "Outlaw" is expected to be intense as BAU will end up opening an old open cold case in Las Vegas in order to capture a serial killer targeting teenagers.

The promo teases that the team starts investigating a robbery and homicide case after a few restaurant workers are found dead. And during the investigations, they open up a cold case that happened in the same town several years ago. The team contemplates that their new UnSub is an old criminal who was never caught.

Plot synopsis for "Outlaw" reads:

When a robbery-homicide leaves three restaurant employees dead, a cold case that occurred in the same town six years earlier could yield a lead.

"Criminal Minds" Season 11 episode 4 titled "Outlaw" will be aired on CBS on 21 October at 9pm.