"Criminal Minds" season 11 is doling out a lot of thrilling action with every new episode. While the last two episodes saw the BAU team solving a peculiar serial killer case and preventing a poison gas attack, episode 3 titled "Til Death Do Us Part" will show them chasing a bride killer.

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Last week's episode 2 ("The Witness") was high on some spine-chilling sequence as the BAU team was seen taking down a gas bomber. The episode opens with Tara and Ried discussing something at BAU when they get to know about a poison gas attack. The team heads to LA where they meet Natalie Colefax in FBI Field Office.

The teams come to a conclusion that the attack wasn't done by an extremist group as none of them had claimed responsibility, and soon their investigation tracks them to Charlie Senerack, who worked at a medical supply office. He worked with his wife and he was supposed to be on the bus that was attacked.

On interrogating Charlie, Tara and Rossi discover that the real culprit was Mitchell whose brother Theo was killed by Charlie as he was the lover of the wife. Mitchell blackmailed Charlie using his daughter to do his dirty work and was later nabbed when he tried to poison the federal building.

The action continues this week with episode 3 where the team has to track down a bride killer. "Til Death Do Us Part" will follow a mysterious case where several brides-to-be in Savannah are killed on the eve of their nuptials and the BAU strongly suspects that it could be the work of a jilted lover.

Is the UnSub someone who was left hert-broken at the altar? Will BAU catch the bride killer before he/ she kills the next victim?

The episode, which is directed by actor Joe Mantegna (who plays David Rossi), will also feature a few guest appearances. Look forward to "Glee" star Ashley Fink, who will play a florist named Dana Seavers; NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, who will be seen playing himself and Chicago radio personality Mancow Muller will appear as a DJ.

Plot synopsis for "Til Death Do Us Part" reads:

The team suspects a jilted unknown subject is responsible when brides are murdered on the eve of their nuptials.

"Criminal Minds" Season 11 episode 3 titled "Til Death Do Us Part" will be aired on CBS on 14 October at 9 pm.