(Picture for representation) The doll was seen uncannily staring at the camera.Wikimedia Commons

A video showing a terrifying doll sitting in a graveyard has gone viral on social media. Many people are shocked by its uncanny look, fang-like teeth, and black shiny eyes which seem to roll.

The location where the video is shot is not known.

Also, it is not clear where the video was recorded or where it was shared first, but according to reports, the footage was recorded by a woman in Brazil and has appeared in Mexican media. The video was shared widely on social media.

IBT India couldn't verify the authenticity of the video.

The doll, which looks like a baby boy, is seen sitting on what appears like a tombstone clad in white clothes. As the camera moves from one side to the other, the doll's eyes follow the camera.

When the camera takes a shot from below, its fang-like teeth become visible and it looks like the doll is eerily looking at you.

However, science has a perfect explanation for this. It is because of an optical illusion involving shadow, light, and perspective that the pair of eyes seems to follow the viewer.

To add more to the panic, a bottle of red liquid is kept beside the doll, as seen in the video.

Check out the video here:

The doll instantly reminds us of Chucky – the possessed doll from the cult movie Child's Play. 

Another video popular on YouTube shows the Hindu Goddess of destruction Kali rolling her eyes in a similar fashion.