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A man from Alabama took to social media to share something creepy that happened with his family. And Twitter users are convinced that something spooky had indeed happened!

Ryan Dalton and his wife Raniece stay in the southeastern US state with their two-year-old daughter Maya. The family seemed to have no plans of shifting their house until what happened on March 10.

Dalton told BuzzFeed News he and Maya were up early in the morning and decided to do something "silly" together. Dalton was filming Maya, who was licking some peanut butter from a bread while making funny noises with her mouth.

Maya appeared all cheerful and Dalton was heard in the video — which he would later share on Twitter — asking her "what are you doing?" The girl smiled sweetly and continued to make funny noises.

However, suddenly Maya's face turned all serious and she pointed her finger at something and said: "Dada, spooky." Dalton was heard asking "Spooky?", to which Maya, looking scared, repeated "Dada, spooky."

"Well that's spooky to me too - there's nothing even over there..." Dalton was heard saying.

The video was posted on Twitter with the caption: "Maya was just being silly, eating some peanut butter bread, and she suddenly pointed and said, 'That's spooky.' Time to move."

The video had garnered 5.04 million views at the time of the writing the article.

Dalton also clarified that he didn't point the camera to where Maya was pointing because there was nothing there.

Taking to BuzzFeed, Dalton said they generally don't use the term "spooky," but Maya's cousins use it to describe things that frighten them.

Several people have replied to his post, claiming babies are sensitive to entities from a different dimension and they see things adults usually cannot.

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