At the end of episode 2 of "Continuum" season 4 titled "Rush Hour," despite all the efforts made by Alec to persuade Emily to be with him, she left him saying that she will be a threat to his life. However, could the birth of Jason be the real reason why she deserted him?

Earlier, we had reported that after Emily leaves Alec, he may not be able to sustain his evil side anymore and will succumb to his dark side.

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In the previous episode, Kellog was surprised when he came to know that Alec's priorities are topped by Emily before anything else, which meant Alec was more than willing to compromise anything for her safety. Hence, Kellog decided to exploit Alec's weakness and manipulate him.

Unaware of what really was involved, Kiera tried to stop Kellog and negotiate with him but Kellog, determined to exploit Alec, didn't listen and continued manipulating him.

Tired of being held forcibly, Alec made one last attempt to break free and save Emily. However, when he found her, it seems Emily had other plans rather than returning with Alec.

Emily told Alec that she is doing it to keep him out of danger. Though Alec may not know, but Emily left Alec so that she could give birth to Jason. Seemingly, it was the end of their relationship, but when it comes to Emily, Alec is determined to have her and might not give up on her that easily.

So far, the show is doing well and has been successful in establishing a firm foundation. Undoubtedly, more mysteries are going to be revealed soon as this marks the final season of the show and the story will certainly be wrapped up in the upcoming episodes. Hopefully, in as interesting manner as the episodes have been so far.