The episode 2 of "Continuum" titled "Rush Hour," showcased a number of events that is going to change the future significantly as warned by a future Kellogg who visited Kellogg through a holographic medium and told him to save his future.

Kellogg tried to manipulate Alec by exploiting his greatest weakness – Emily. Initially surprised, Kellogg understood that Alec was dead set to compromise for anything for Emily and that is where Kellogg got his bull's eye. Realising it, he tried his best to overpower Alec.

However, Kiera desperately tried to negotiate with him. She pleaded to Kellogg to let Alec go, but to no avail. Overcome by his powers, Kellogg was in no mood to listen and continued with exploiting Alec.

In the mean time, completely unaware of the fact that Liber8 have other darker and dangerous plans, Kiera repeatedly tried to convince Kellogg. She had no idea what were the threats and why Kellogg was acting in such a manner.

Tired of feeling helpless and unable to get out of the clutches of Kellogg, Alec decided to make a move and set out on his own to save Emily.

On finding Emily, Alec tried to persuade her to come with him, but Emily said she can't stay with him otherwise Alec would be in danger again. Not wanting to be Alec's Achilles heel, Emily finally leaves him.

However, we know the real reason why Emily left him; she knew she had no future with Alec and needed to leave him so that Jason could be born. A heartbroken Alec watches as Emily leaves.

The episode 2 picked up the pace after season premiere and it is doing well to build up on the series' story. Also, it seems the final series is going to unravel a lot of mysteries that were previously unexplained. So, how the turns of events are going to be in episode 3?

The biggest question for the next episode will be whether Alec will turn into the older, evil self or will he be able to maintain his good nature since Emily has left him. At times, it takes a lot of effort to him for remaining good and not succumbed to the dark side.

However, it seems Emily deserting him has left a significant blow on Alec's memories and it is surely going to be a tough time for him to be in control. Whatever will be his fate, it can be seen only in the next episode.

Also, is the identity of Jason's mother finally going to be revealed? It may be a possibility that she is one of the casts, but who? Are we going to meet her before the final episode of the series?

"Continuum" season 4 episode 3 titled "Power Hour" is all set to air on Showcase on 18 September.