Watch: Cobra regurgitates seven chicken eggs after gobbling down eight at once. [Representational Image]Wikimedia commons

A cobra recently found its way into a chicken coop in Kerala, India, where it killed a hen and gobbled eight of the eggs lying around the henhouse. A rather squeamish viral video shows that the reptile soon regurgitated seven eggs.

The video, shared on the social media by Sujith VP, shows Sujith removing the snake from the henhouse. The cobra was then released some distance away from the henhouse where it regurgitated the eggs. The video has received around 8,000 views.

The snake catcher, Sujith told NDTV that the reptile had to throw up seven of the eggs because people started gathering around the area.

WARNING: The content might disturb some viewers

"When a snake slithers on the ground, it's difficult for it to carry food like eggs inside it. In this instance, the cobra wanted to escape from the public view, so it puked the eggs fast," he said.

Sujith, who works as a wildlife rescuer in North Wayanad's Begur Forest Range in Kerala says that he ensures that snakes are not harmed under such situations. "We take care that the snake is safe while we try to catch it and we make sure that the snake is released back into the wild, in its right environment," he added.

A similar incident was recently recorded in Odisha, India about two years ago. In a video that went viral on the social media, a king cobra can be seen throwing up six eggs of the seven eggs that it had swallowed.

The snake starts swallowing one egg after another. Although it seems like the snake will manage to stomach the eggs, it soon throws them up.