Tuesday, 12 January, marks the finale episode of "Christina Milian Turned Up" Season 2, where fans will get to see the grand opening of Christina's shop. The episode, titled "International Surprise", will also mark an important event in her little sister Lizzy's life.

Christina has been working really hard to make "We Are Pop Culture" a success, and while bouncing off last-minute ideas for the event, the differences in opinion came into play. The "Gandfathered" actress was keen on including her music in the show, but her team thought it was a bad idea.

In a flashback scene, we see her creative director CJ telling her her music should be kept separate from "We Are Pop Culture", and the couple seemed to have reached an understanding. However, when she brought over her event planner Jeremy to speak with them, it looked like the hatchet has not been buried.

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The team was discussing the logistics and budget of the event when the issue of an LED wall cropped up. CJ seems to have gotten riled up over this detail, and tells Christina: "OK so boom right now we're on the LED wall, if we know we want the LED wall let's just say we want the LED wall and keep moving".

Although her project manager Lauren agrees with CJ, Christina believes he is giving her "attitude" because he was never okay with the idea of her including her music in the event. While CJ and Lauren kept pushing back, Christina's business partner Mykel chimed in: "I just don't understand how you and Lauren always just wanna jump in and run s**t all the time. You guys don't handle her like a boss, you guys handle her like you are bossing her around."

At this point, so close to the event, it doesn't matter who is right or wrong, because they need to come to an understanding or "We Are Pop Culture" is going to be one hot mess.

While Christina is dealing with all the stress, her baby sister Lizzy may be in for one spectacular surprise. From the synopsis, it is understood that Dom will fly all the way back from France to ask her one important question. We do not want to jump the gun, but it looks like the adorable couple is going to get engaged in the Season 2 finale.

Watch Season 2 Episode 9 of "Christina Milian Turned Up" at 10 pm (EST) on Tuesday, 12 January. You can also live stream "International Surprise" via E! Now.