The fans of "Chicago PD" can rejoice as the police procedural drama is back with its season 3 and those who want to see what happened to Lindsay (Sophia Bush) after a tragic season 2 finale, the crime show is poised to reveal all.

In an interview, executive producer Matt Olmstead said that season 3 marks a new beginning of sorts for cast member Erin Lindsay. He said that the detective will take stock of her decisions so far, her love life, and her ambition to be part of the Intelligence unit.

Olmstead said that latest instalment will see the return of Lindsay to Intelligence, but her mission is personal. He told Entertainment Weekly, "It's someone she knows obviously who's in harm's way that is the initial bell that rings for her in terms of trying to help out, that's the immediate concern. But then, in terms of being able to come back and actually get her job back and stay there, that's not even on the table when she first comes back."

Indeed, her return will be depicted in season 3 premiere, "Life is Fluid". The first episode opens with Derek Keyes and his plans to wreak havoc on the city. In the process, he kidnaps Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and almost beats him to death.

News of Halstead's abduction triggers Lindsay to wake up from her tragic abyss and she becomes pro active about saving the life of the one she cares. However, it remains to be seen if Voight (Jason Beghe) still trusts her. The premiere's synopsis hints that Voight and Lindsay's troubled relationship will unfold as season 3 progresses.

"Chicago PD" season 3 airs on Wednesday, 30 September, at 10pm on NBC. You can live stream the episode via NBC Live and Hulu.

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