It seems that in the last stages of her pregnancy, Dr Natalie Manning might go through some trouble that will make the situation complicated in the upcoming episode of NBC's "Chicago Med", titled "Malignant".

To watch what happens to Natalie and whether she manages to deliver normally, CLICK HERE. has mentioned in the synopsis that a member of Firehouse 51 clings to his life and things take a sudden turn for the worse as medical staffers race to give treatment.

Meanwhile, Dr Natalie Manning prepares for her pregnancy, and members of Chicago PD probe the case of a woman pulled from a fire.

The doctors have taken a break from their usual routine, as members of Chicago Med and Chicago PD have gathered in the hospital with several of them injured due to a recent attack. 

However, the main concern of doctors is one of the members of Chicago Fire who is critically injured, and if something is not immediately, he will lose his life for sure.

Though most of the upcoming episode will deal with the crossover story between Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, it will also showcase the ongoing life events of other doctors at the hospital. Natalie will face some unexpected difficulties that will affect her health adversely.

In the mid-season finale Episode titled "Mistaken", a mass shooting at a movie theatre put Chicago Memorial on edge. Dr Halstead treated a patient who got trampled during the incident. However, he failed to save her life, which left him emotionally disturbed.

Sharon refused to approve a liver transplant under Dr Rhodes. Meanwhile, Dr Manning and Dr Charles treated a patient with an eating disorder.

Also, the person who caught the shooter was questioned when it turned out the shooter did not have a gun. It was later revealed that Dr Rhodes was in a relationship with Dr Zanetti.

Whether Natalie manages to save her baby will be seen only in the next episode of "Chicago Med."