In the latest episode of "Chicago Med", titled "Mistaken", it seems that after a madman open fired inside a movie theatre, the doctors at Chicago Med try their best to save the injured.

CLICK HERE to watch who the madman is and whether the doctors will be able to save the lives of so many people.

According to the synopsis of the episode, in the aftermath of a movie-theatre shooting, the doctors work to treat the victims while Sharon tries to keep the press at bay.

Previously, the grand opening of Chicago Med's emergency department was interrupted by victims of an "L" train crash, pushing the staff to their limits.

Dr Will Halstead and new ER surgeon Dr Connor Rhodes had an argument over the treatment of patients. Meanwhile, pregnant paediatrician Dr Natalie Manning revealed that her husband was killed during his tour.

Also, treating patients took an emotional toll on medical student Sarah Reese. Meanwhile, Halstead and Manning were forced to do an emergency surgery on a patient who was surrogate to a couple.

Manning treated a 14-year-old girl who gave birth to and then  abandoned her baby in an alley two blocks from the hospital. It was later revealed that she could be charged with murder if the baby died.

Meanwhile, Charles and Reese treated a woman with a false case of dementia which turned into a swelling of the brain. Halstead treated a patient with respiratory problems which later turned much worse.

Elsewhere, Choi asked for Charles' help on finding out why his army veteran patient had diabetes even though his exams came up negative for it.

Halstead treated a musician suffering from sudden hearing loss. Also, Rhodes tried to treat a patient who was impaled by a chandelier, and SIMULTANEOUSLY dealt with his overbearing father.