After Hermann was critically injured in an attack, Firehouse 51 members will ask Chicago Med for help in the upcoming episode titled "The Beating Heart" of NBC's "Chicago Fire".

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As mentioned in the synopsis by, squad members gather at Chicago Med after one of their own is attacked. While Cruz works with the Chicago PD to find Freddie, who's missing, Choi and Halstead work on an attempted-suicide victim.

Elsewhere, Mouch surprises Trudy with something unexpected. Brett and Jimmy are worried about Chili as she has been acting oddly of late.

According to a picture of the upcoming episode released by Carter Matt, Herrmann is surrounded by squad members in a hospital where several medical equipments are attached to his body.

In the crossover story, Chicago Med will assist members of Chicago Fire by treating the injured. However, Herrmann's status is critical and hence, it will be a struggle for Chicago Med doctors to save his life.

Besides it, the episode will also likely emphasise on the relationship between Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Dawson (Monica Raymund).

In an interview with TVLine, Spencer said they are already married in their hearts and minds.

"They're together. I don't see them breaking up. I, as Jesse, would be traumatised if they had to break up at this point. I'm a big shipper, but the actual marriage is inconsequential," he said.

In the previous episode titled "Short and Fat", following Boden's arrest, Patterson was promoted to chief of Firehouse 51 much to everyone's dismay.

Later on, Patterson set new rules for the house that made everyone uncomfortable, especially to Chili and Borelli.

Meanwhile, Severide continued to help strengthen Boden's case. Also, Dawson received heat at a previous call when she had an outburst at a citizen and was recorded.