In the latest episode of NBC's "Chicago Fire" Season 4, titled "Short and Fat", it seems Patterson will replace Boden as the firehouse chief after he is cleared of all charges.

CLICK HERE to watch how Boden reacts to handing back the position to Patterson.

According to the synopsis of the episode, Patterson fills in for Boden, who's trying to clear his name. Severide learns where Serena may be hiding.

In the meanwhile, Herrmann and Otis give Freddie a job that keeps him close to them and Jimmy and Chili draw more attention than either bargained for.

In the previous episode titled "When Tortoises Fly", Boden's situation went from bad to worse after Donna confronted her and she was reported missing. Detective Wheeler later searched his home.

A state attorney stopped by the firehouse to see Boden about the Maddox case. This conversation put Boden onto the possibility that Maddox was the one setting him up. This was later confirmed when Boden confronted him.

During a call, Hermann rescued a tortoise that he believed was a "robot". Mouch took a liking to the animal and he was later found to belong to a John Doe whom Chili and Brett found on a call.

Another call had Truck and Squad dealing with a Peeping Tom trapped in the ventilation system at a gym. When he tried to escape from the roof, he was tackled by Severide.

Chili was late to shift and was given "strike one" by Boden. When he visited Jimmy's apartment, it was in disarray and she appeared to be intoxicated. When he asked her what was going on, she evaded the issue by seducing him.

After the shift at Molly's, the crew relaxed until Wheeler showed up and officially arrested Boden.

Whether Boden escapes all the troubles will be seen only in the next episode.