Former BSP MP Rakesh Pandey's son Ashish Pandey was seen waving a firearm at an unidentified man outside Delhi's Hyatt Hotel. Pandey is the man wearing the pink trousers in the video.

The incident took place after an argument broke out between Pandey and a hotel staff. According to ANI, a case has been registered against Pandey under the Arms Act.

In the video that went viral, he is seen pointing and waving his pistol at another person dressed in black, moving towards him rather aggressively. The hotel's security, dressed in black suits are also seen moving toward him, concerned and attempting to calm things down and de-escalate the situation.

The video of this incident was reportedly captured by one of the three women accompanying Pandey. The clip itself begins with Pandey — in pink pants — standing close to a couple, weapon in hand.

The woman in black is seen asking Pandey to move away while another woman in white is seen shouting at her, she was reportedly at the venue accompanying Pandey. When Pandey moves in toward the couple, another man comes toward them, he is seen dressed in blue jeans.

He manages to separate the two arguing couples after which Pandey leaves in his BMW along with the woman in white.

Details regarding the follow-up to this incident and the real reason for Pandey carrying a weapon is still unknown.

Pandey pulled out a weapon after an argument went awry in the national capital--Representational imageCreative Commons Zero - CC0