Superman in black suit

Here's to all the DC fans, a new Justice League Snyder Cut clip is out and reveals a better look in Henry Cavill's Superman in his black suit. Yes, you heard that right!

What is the big reveal?

At a fan event, Justice Con on Saturday Snyder dropped some big Justice League news. Firstly he revealed that the world will get its first look at his cut of Justice League with a teaser that will drop at DC FanDome, a free and global virtual convention taking place on August 22.


Then he threw red meat to the fans by showing a tiny bit of footage that revealed Henry Cavill's Superman in a black suit in a deleted Justice League scene in which he flies to Bruce Wayne's hideout and runs into Alfred. 

Why was the colour of Cavill wearing Superman's red and blue changed to black?

Snyder went on to say that the scene was filmed with Cavill wearing Superman's red and blue suit, and then he changed the colour of in post-production. The director said Warner Bros. wouldn't approve the creation of another costume and that the studio didn't understand the black suit's role in Superman's resurrection arc.

In the comics, the black costume is also called the 'Recovery Suit' because it helps Superman to fully heal after he's been resurrected. There it serves a function in the DC universe, but if it would've been expensive to create and wasn't necessary to Superman's story, that may have been why Warner Bros. opted to not commission another costume.

Fans are amused watching the clip!

While this clip isn't very substantial - clocking in under 20 seconds - it certainly gives fans a tease of what's to come in the Justice League Snyder Cut.

 Fans react on Twitter:

How Snyder started teasing Superman's black suit while Justice League was in production?

The Superman black suit is something Snyder started teasing while Justice League was still in production. 

Superman's head cut off

For the unversed, Shazam was the last film where Superman made an appearance, but the face was cut off. There were talks about Henry Cavill quitting from the role of Superman as he was under a lot of criticism for appreciating Marvel. Henry Cavill was last seen in the film Justice League.