Because This Is My First Life
Yoon Ji Ho and Nam Se Hee could become more close to each other in the upcoming episodes of Because This Is My First Life.You Tube/Screenshot

Because This Is My First Life episode 11 is likely to focus on the blossoming romance between software engineer Nam Se Hee and former screenwriter Yoon Ji Ho.

The upcoming episode is scheduled to air on tvN this Monday, November 13, at 9.30 pm KST and the preview for it shows Yoon Ji Ho locking lips with Nam Se Hee.

However, it remains to be seen if the intimate scene is part of a romantic dream of Yoon Ji Ho, who is still optimistic about starting a family with Nam Se Hee. The viewers will have to watch the show tonight on tvN to know more about it.

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Meanwhile, the promo features a conversation between CEO Ma Sang Goo and Nam Se Hee. "You only think of loans and cats. Why did you choose to do something so irrational?" the CEO asks.

Nam Se Hee confidently replies: "She is beautiful."

Agreeing with the software engineer, the CEO says, "I will do anything to see the beautiful woman every day."

But the table could turn against Yoon Ji Ho after she reads the personal diary of Nam Se Hee, which is all about his first marriage.

In the preview for episode 11 of Because This Is My First Life, the screenwriter curiously opens the diary and reads it.

"I realised that there could be a room in my heart through this marriage," she gets excited after reading the first sentence mainly because she thinks that it is about her.

For Yang Ho Rang and Sim Won Seok, the couple could face some unexpected challenges in the upcoming episodes. The preview shows Sim Won Seok telling Ma Sang Goo, "I don't fight with her anymore. If I do...things might never be the same."

Watch the promo below:

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