Because This Is My First Life
A promotional still of upcoming Korean drama Because This Is My First Life.tvN

The tvN romantic comedy drama 'Because This Is My First Life' has been keeping viewers glued to the screens for the last eight episodes. The show's producing director, Park Joon Hwa, believes that lead cast, Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min, deserve all the credit.

Park Joon Hwa said the actors are so immersed in their characters that sometimes they empathise with the situation. He also admitted that they make their own contributions for a perfect shot. According to him, Lee Min Ki experiments with his facial expressions and voice tones during production.

"Usually, actors don't cry during the full shot or body shot, but it was memorable how Jung So Min immersed herself and shed tears during the filming of every shot. She really got into the story of the mom and the letter, and was moved while acting," the producing director said about an emotional scene in episode 5.

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The producing director also revealed the reason for choosing Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min as the lead cast members of Because This Is My First Life, Nam Se Hee and Yoon Ji Ho.

"When I talked with Lee Min Ki [before filming the drama], he kind of had Se Hee's vibes. Se Hee has a dry way of talking to people he's not close with, and at some point, Lee Min Ki's way of talking became very Se Hee-like," Soompi quoted Park Joon Hwa as saying.

Explaining the similarities between Jung So Min and her character, the producing director said, "Jung So Min liked the script when she saw it for the first time. Ji Ho's hometown is Namhae [a county in South Gyeongsang Province], and Jung So Min's hometown is Jinju [a city in South Gyeongsang Province], and she has a younger brother."

"Ji Ho moved to Seoul with the dream of becoming a writer, so I think [Jung So Min] felt similar emotions since she moved to Seoul with the dream of becoming an actress. I can see her empathizing with Ji Ho in certain situations and acting as if it was really her," he added.