If you are a DC fan, then mark 2 December on your calendar. Half-an-hour before midnight on Wednesday, ABC will air "Jimmy Kimmel Live"; but this episode has a treat in store for fans as the latest trailer for the widely anticipated "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" will premiere on the show.

A teaser from the extensive trailer was released on Monday, 30 November, at the end of the "Gotham" fall finale. In the teaser, we saw an uncharacteristically scowling Superman (Henry Cavill) walking into a shady prison, looking like the self-proclaimed God that Batman (Ben Affleck) fears him to be.

The Man of Steel then proceeds to rip Batman's mask and reveal the flustered Bruce Wayne behind it. The "Hero Unmasked" teaser has sparked many conversations among fans, with some claiming that the sequence has nothing to do with the reality in Gotham or Metropolis, but is a nightmare that Batman is experiencing.

He is after all panicking about what the world could become if Superman is not stopped. Moreover, the behavior exhibited by Superman is very different from what we know about the Superhero --  who stands for "truth, justice and the American Way".

Another justification for Superman's behaviour is that he is, as previously suspected, under the influence of Lux Luthor (Jesse Eissenberg). While we will definitely not get all the answers from the trailer, which will be released on Wednesday, we will at least get a few clues as to deciphering the story.

Do not forget to tune in to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday, 2 December, at 11.35 pm (EST) on ABC to watch the world premiere of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" new trailer live. Guests Live Tyler, Conor McGregor and G-Eazy will be present on the show. You can also live stream it online via ABC GO!