As promised, Warner Bros. released an exclusive sneak peak into the latest "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer at the end of "Gotham" Season 2 fall finale. The dusty clip mainly features the titular superheroes, but the 49-second video is awesome.

In the trailer, we see Batman (Ben Affleck) tied up in a dungeon-like prison along with other men, all dangling from a chain above them. As Batman tries to comprehend the situation, the red-caped Kryptonian jumps into the dungeon, causing the prison guards to bow.

A furious and cold Superman (Henry Cavill) walks towards Batman as the Dark Knight panics. He then proceeds to rip the black mask away, to reveal Bruce Wayne behind it, before the scene fades away.

The new trailer in it's entirety will be released on Wednesday during the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" show on ABC. Then, hopefully we can truly decipher what the scene embodies. The teaser does not make sense in terms of plausibility as Batman is not one to as ill-prepared as shown.

Moreover, we know that Bruce Wayne is paranoid about a world in which Superman, someone with God-like powers is not stopped. Many fans believe that the teaser is a nightmare that Batman has about the world in which Superman is all-powerful.

El Superbeasto: "Yeah. This is a dream sequence. The commandos have Superman's emblem on their shoulders. I do like the idea that this Bruce Wayne is full-blown psychotic and has these delusions that influence his crusade."

Marc Watkins: "Its a nightmare. Bruce is paranoid as hell, and this is how he envisioned a world where Superman rules."

Concon: "It's definitely a Knightmare! Scene was intense and silent. Love it."

LEGODC23: "I believe it is a nightmare that Bruce Wayne is having that plants the seed for the motivation to fight Superman. BUT what if they reveal later on in the DCEU that the dream was actually a type of connection to an alternate Earth which sets up a crisis on infinite earths story line. I would love to see Jeffery Dean Morgan as an alternate version of Batman!"

Regardless, enjoy the teaser below and do not forget to check back here for live streaming information on Wednesday's worldwide premiere of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" new trailer.