In the latest episode of FX's "The Bastard Executioner" titled "Thorns / Drain," Wilkin continues to look for an opportunity to fulfil his revenge while Lady Love is worried about her feelings towards Wilkin.

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According to the official synopsis of the episode, "Wilkin and Toran get a new time-line for their revenge and a surprising ally visits Lady Love."

In the episode's promo, it seems an unknown group has kidnapped Lady Love and Isabel while Milus has found about Wilkin's truth and his mission to revenge her dead wife. The rebels are also preparing to take revenge under the leadership of Wilkin.

In the promo, Wilkin is driving a kart with Toran on a dusty road. In another scene, Sir Cormac is shown standing beside a knight as they looked at something unidentifiable. Afterwards, Sir Cormac is seen talking with the Archbishop about a serious matter.

In the previous episode titled "Piss Profit / Proffidwyr Troeth," Lady Love ordered Isabel to wash her clothes. She was going through her menstruation cycle but no one could know as she was supposedly pregnant.

Meanwhile, Wilkin and Luca met Nora at the market and talked about Jessamy's whereabouts.

Milus called Wilkin and asked him to steal one of the Pryce's relics which Pryce was planning to use against the king. After Wilkin accepted his offer, Milus drafted a letter to commute the death sentence of the Welsh prisoners.

In the meantime, Gaveston met Lady Love in the castle where he told her that he was interested in the twins and knew that the Lady was not pregnant. Milus was irritated by Gaveston's visit.

Wilkin realised that he was deceived by Milus as the relic that he wanted was actually Pryce's wife. He confronted Milus and asked about it. However, Milus told him that it was for the good of the shire.

At the end of the episode, Wilkin was praying at the altar when Lady Love came and chatted briefly. After a few moments, Jessamy walked in and witnessed the Lady hugging Wilkin.