The latest episode of FX's "The Bastard Executioner" will see Wilkin continue to serve the Castle Ventris and perform his executioner duties while keeping an eye on the army of the castle.

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According to the official synopsis of the episode, "The Knig's right hand visits on official business and Milus gets Wilkin to search for a valuable artifact."

The preview of the episode suggests that Wilkin is slowly settling into his new life, new charge and new identity. Though still haunted by his past, he is no more tormented to serve the castle as an executioner.

However, things are turning difficult for him as Milus is getting suspected. As Milus has the authority over Wilkin, it will require Wilkin to do things that go against his morals.

In the episode promo, people who are charged with fraud are getting executed. Baroness is longing for something unrevealed while Wilkin is getting close to her. It seems that as the show in reaching its halfway point for the season, there is more drama and fighting in the pipeline. 

The previous episode titled "A Hunger/Newyn" began with Wilkin having a nightmare as he heard his wife Jessamy calling him while the baby cried. The baby eventually settled when Wilkin carried him on his lap.

Nora was suddenly awakened by a vision while Lady Love was on her way to London accompanied by Isabel.

Wilkin again dreamt of his wife where she told him that she wants to get close to him once more. Baron Pryce was annoyed when he found out that Lady Love hadn't come to meet him. In the meantime, Baroness arrived at the Windsor Castle and was greeted by one of the king's advisors.

While Lady Love prepared herself to meet the King, Nora informed the others that Wilkin won't be able to come and they should pack up. Lady Love also talked to Isabel regarding her past.

Ed Sheeran also made an appearance as Tobias, who was being tortured by a man named Sir Cormac. When Tobias refused to talk, Cormac went to his boss, the Archdecon, and informed about it.

At the end of the episode, Wilkin rescued Luca from Jessamy as she had ordered her soldiers to burn him. Later, Wilkin and Luca bonded and became close allies.