The synopsis of the upcoming episode of "The Bastard Executioner" titled "A Hunger/Newyn" says that Lady Love will visit Windsor to witness King Edward II deciding the fate of Ventrishire.

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The trailer for episode 4 shows that things will be getting worse as a famine will strike Ventrishire and the citizens run out of food. The county, under the authority of corrupt and evil Baron Erik Venrtis, is now ruled by her widow Lady Love Ventris.

The trailer also shows Annora and The Dark Mute continuing to look at the future and see what is going to happen. Even though not much information is revealed, the trailer definitely confirms that there will be more bloodshed as Wilkin will continue his quest for revenge.

We had reported earlier that in the previous episode titled "Effigy/Ddelw," Annora taught Wilkin how to cut flesh by using animals. She explained to him the difference between human and animal flesh. In the meantime, Lady Love tried her best to get over her dead husband and she is dead set to find his killer.

Annora questioned Wilkin about his lack of curiousness regarding the new life and she touched him to see his past. Afterwards, The Dark Mute enquired about him to Annora while Wilkin joined some rebels on the road.

The convoy carrying effigy of late Baron Ventris was attacked by a group of rebels. However, they soon retreated and a young girl named Nia was captured by the soldiers. Milus wanted her to be killed immediately but Lady Love ordered against it and told the soldiers to bring the girl before her.

Unfortunately, Wilkin was also among the soldiers who were tasked to torture the girl and when Lady Love arrived, the girl's fingernails had been cut off. Lady Love ordered the convoy to visit the girl's family where she made them a trade offer that was previously denied to them.

While talking with Lady Love, Wilkin hallucinated about his dead wife as the episode ended with him cutting off the nose of Nia.