In the upcoming episode of "The Bastard Executioner" titled "Effigy/Ddelw," the focus will on Wilkin Brattle's new life as Castle Ventris' new executioner.

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According to the synopsis, as the new executioner, Wilkin will be forced to carry out his duties when an unlikely suspect is charged with treason.

The preview promises the episode will be filled with blood and gore. Wilkin is likely haunted by visions of his dead wife, Petra and he asks Amora since she could see his angels, whether she can see demons as well. It seems Wilkin is at odds with a number of people in the castle too.

In the previous two-part pilot episodes, Wilkin woke up from a nightmare where he saw his bloody past and how he was saved by a mysterious angel who told him to give up his sword. Afterwards, Petra came, who was pregnant and told him to do his chores. He chased her around the village before kissing her lovingly.

In Castle Ventris, Baron Erik Ventris was having some intimate moments with his wife Baroness Love Ventris. As soon as he left, a maid named Isabel came in and the baroness looked out of the window, lost in some thought. Later on, she went to sea for a bath.

On the way to river, Wilkin and Petra met Amora and a young boy who was talking with his sheep. While they were returning, farmers informed Wilkin of the Baron's unreasonable taxes and convinced him to join the rebels in their fight.

As soon as Baron Erik got to know about the rebellions, he ordered his men to crush all the farmers. With the village burned and everyone killed, including his wife, Petra, Wilkin and the others stormed towards the castle for retribution.

A battle was fought between the Baron's soldiers and the rebels where Baron Erik was eventually killed. As the new executioner, Wilkin managed to infiltrate the castle while chopping a head with deadly precision.

"The Bastard Executioner" airs every Tuesdays on FX.