Bad Girls Club
Bad Girls Club Social Disruption will be back with a new episode this Tuesday, November 22.Facebook/Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club season 16 episode 9 will be aired this Tuesday, November 22, at 8pm EST on Oxygen. The new episode of Social Disruption is titled #LoveGoneBad and it will show more drama and fights between Kandyce Hogan and Brynesha Seegers.

The official trailer for the episode features a verbal encounter between Kabrina Nashaye and Brynesha. In the video, the former asks the latter, "Who got you that rose?" And she replies, "Some Girls." It makes her furious. She starts to confront the 22-year-old Brynesha and she shouts back at her.

The promo also focuses on the sexy slumber party, where the girls spend quality time with each other and have a lot of fun celebrating Thanksgiving.

Here is a short summary for the upcoming episode: When Brynesha does not reciprocate Kandyce's deepening affections, the two girls face off; Kabrina gets real with her roommates; the whole house lets loose for a sexy slumber party.

Click here to watch Bad Girls Club season 16 episode 9 live online this Thusday, November 22, at 8pm EST on Oxygen.