Diamond and Olivia from Season 15 of "Bad Girls Club"
Diamond and Olivia from Season 15 of "Bad Girls Club"Facebook/Bad Girls Club

"Bad Girls Club" Season 15 had many spectacularly outlandish storylines, but the one involving the fake sisters, Diamond and Olivia, takes the cake. Following their stint in the mansion, the ex-girlfriends are going to meet each other seemingly for the first time, which should make "Reunion Part 2" an interesting watch on Tuesday night.

Fans will remember Olivia and Diamond as the girls who pretended to be sisters but were too bad at keeping their secret. The girls were even grinding up on each other when they went out clubbing, leaving the rest of the girls and the fans wondering if their relationship was incestuous. Thankfully, however, it was revealed that they are actually ex-girlfriends.

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Another lie that made them unpopular among the fans and within the mansion is Olivia's claims about being diagnosed with Stage 3 cervical cancer. The fact that her story shifted from "the doctors told me I have stage 3 cervical cancer" to "I had an abnormal pap and they told me to consult an oncologist but I never did," proves that she was lying all along.

Their departure from the show was quite memorable and not on the best terms. It remains to be seen how they react towards each other at the reunion. Synopsis for the episode suggests things are not going to go great.

Meanwhile, the woman who was supposed to make these bad girls accommodating and loving, Life Coach Laura, will try to get through to the ladies one last time. She will suggest that all the sisters stick with each other and love each other in the days to come.

You can watch "Reunion "Part 2" at 8 p.m. (EST) via Oxygen on Tuesday, May 17. Here is the official synopsis for Season 15 episode 12 of "Bad Girls Club:"

Time has not healed broken hearts for ex-lovers, Diamond and Olivia; Life Coach Laura meets with the cast for the last time and implores them not to hurt one another.