The Bad Girls Club Season 15
The Bad Girls Club Season 15Facebook/The Bad Girls Club

The Oxygen reality show "Bad Girls Club" is returning with Season 15 Tuesday, March 15, 2016. This time around, four pairs of sisters will try to deal with anger, trust and control issues and last through the season, while living with each other. 

The fierce women of the season, who all have strong personalities, are hoping to become closer with their respective sister. 

Olivia Adams and Diamond Jimenez are half-sisters who learned about each other much later in life when their father got out of prison. They both love pranking other people and are lesbians. However, tensions rise when Diamond, the younger sister, always insists on being in charge.

Angela and Kristina Babicz are trust-fund babies with a love for partying and accused of having bad attitudes. Their fallout occurred after their parents' divorce, when Kristina chose to live with their father and Angela stayed with their mother. The girls had even stopped communicating with each other after a bad fight that happened a few years back. The competitive sisters are, however, hoping to live peacefully during the tenure of "Bad Girls Club" Season 15 and make friends with the other housemates.

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Amber Thorne and Asia Jeudy are best friends and half-sisters who love to party. However, because they have only known about each other for a couple of years, they have trust issues and short tolerance for the other. They hope that their time at the house will help them get closer as sisters.

Annalisa and Jessica Giordano are Italian twins from the Staten Island and love to share everything, including men. These beauties hate to be labelled as materialistic and want to prove that there is more to them than looks. They are usually contend being with each other, but they are hoping to improve their social skills and make friends with the rest of their housemates.

Watch Season 15 episode 1 of "Bad Girls Club" at 8 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 15. You can also live-stream the premiere episode via Oxygen website.