The upcoming season 5 episode 4 of "Awkward" will deal with senior yearbook superlatives, and as fans might have already guessed, our home-girl Jenna isn't very pleased with hers. The episode will also deal with Matty and Jake's bromance – or lack thereof – and Tamara's fake wedding.

Loyal fans of "Awkward" will remember how Jenna (Ashley Rickards) initially became popular in school. She was the girl who tried to commit suicide and had her arm in plastered. And, although she tasted popularity for a second in the last two episodes, it looks like none of her peers have forgotten who she was.

She is completely unhappy with the tag "most depressing" that she has been given, and it doesn't help that her mother has decided to dress as "Jenna"- arm brace and all – for the mother-daughter senior banquet. Her only hope is that Matty (Beau Mirchoff) possibly gave her a better superlative that that has been collectively forced upon her.

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We will also see the whole school trying to get Matty and Jake (Brett Davern) to talk their feelings out loud, and solve their problems before they part ways. In the meantime, Jake has found some uncanny friends in the most unpopular boys in school.

Tamara, although she has no intention of marrying the marine she got engaged to in Mexico, is planning her wedding with great vigour. Now, it seems like she has gotten emotionally attached to him whether she wants it or not.

Watch out for season 5 episode 4 of "Awkward" at 9.00pm (EST) on Monday, 21 September on MTV. You can also live stream "Now You See Me, Now I Don't" via MTV Live!