"Austin & Ally", one of the most popular shows on Disney Channel, is coming to an end with the upcoming episodes of Season 4, Episode 19 and Episode 20, titled "Musicals & Moving On" and "Duets & Destiny", respectively. Fans are all hoping the young couple will get back together before we say goodbye for good, and we have a word from the creators regarding what happens in the finale.

Despite being one of the most popular shows, "Austin & Ally" is being cancelled way too soon for our liking, but there has been rumours about a reunion movie that has us all excited. The show's creators, Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, have also claimed they have quite a few ideas if "Austin & Ally" were to ever become a movie.

The tightly-knit cast and crew are also supposedly very excited for any opportunity to work together — hopefully they will get a chance to do so. According to the creators they are so co-dependent that despite having wrapped up the series some time ago, they will be watching the finale together, with the exception of Ross Lynch aka Austin, who is touring in Japan.

As expected, they did have a tearful last episode, the creators explained to Variety: "Every day there was a 'last' something — 'Oh, this is the last time Ross and Laura will be sitting at a piano together,' 'this is the last performance,' 'this is the last time we'll be in the practice room,' etc. By the time we finished shooting on the last day, nobody wanted to leave. We hung out for hours afterwards".

Hardcore fans of "Austin & Ally" have great Easter Eggs to look forward to in the finale, teased the show runners, adding that many questions and doubts will be answered in "Musicals & Moving On" and "Duets & Destiny". They have also promised that the finale will be "extremely satisfying" for fans, and we are taking that to mean Austin and Ally will get back together, once and for all.

After all, we did see Austin proposing to Ally in a promo for the finale. However, when directly asked if Austin and Ally would still be a couple, the showrunners replied, "Sorry, spoilers. You will have to watch and see what happens. There are still a lot of surprises."

The finale episodes of "Austin & Ally" will be aired at 8 pm (EST) on Sunday, 10 January. You can also live-stream in "Musicals & Moving On" and "Duets & Destiny" via Disney Go!