"Austin & Ally" is one of those shows that has enjoyed a determined and dedicated fan base, even campaigning so vehemently that Disney had to renew it for another season, after it got cancelled after Season 3. But sadly, that cushion period is also coming to a close, with the season finale slated to be premiered in January.

Like most prime time shows, "Austin & Ally" has also gone on a mid-season hiatus, after the Christmas special titled "Santas & Surprises" that was aired on Sunday, 6 December, much to the dismay of the fans. And to make matters worse, the mid-season premiere on Sunday, 10 January, will also mark the series finale.

Titled "Musicals & Moving On" and "Duets & Destiny", the penultimate and final episodes of "Austin & Ally" will give fans closure from the four-season long series. There is one particular closure that almost all "Austin & Ally" fans want to see in the finale, and that is the musical duo getting back together; and it looks our wish will come true.

In a footage from the two-hour finale, we see Austin (Ross Lynch) and Ally (Laura Marano) confessing that they are in love with each other. The couple assumingly decided to give their relationship another shot, and is seen kissing each other passionately.

Meanwhile, we have learned that Austin asks Ally to tour with him again and she agrees. When they reach Paris, Austin reportedly asks her to marry him. "Austin & Ally" is expected to end with the musical duo's engagement.