Ash and others will desperately try to find new ways to survive the new Deadite plague as they realise that their convenient weapons are not of much use against the zombies in the latest episode of "Ash vs Evil Dead" titled "Fire in the Hole."

CLICK HERE to watch what prompts Ash, Pablo and Kelly to reconsider their weapons of choice and ready themselves for the latest outbreak of Deadites.

The synopsis of the episode, as mentioned by Spoilers Guide, states that the team must go to extreme measures to escape a deadly circumstance. Meanwhile, more is revealed of Ruby's mission.

As seen in the promo of "Fire in the Hole," Pablo and Kelly are seen hiding behind a bush. Pablo whispers to her that he needs a more worthy weapon, like a rusty saw or rope. Kelly tells her to shut up as there is some activity going on nearby and the rustling of leaves can be heard.

Elsewhere, Ash is back at the same diner where he met his friend Lem in the last episode. He talks to the bartender about the rising army of Deadites and how they have started to work in a more organised way than before.

There are glimpses of Amanda too, who is still hot on Ash's trail and has vowed to find him at any cost.

Previously, after finding an accurate plan to defeat the Deadites in last episode titled "The Killer of Killers," Ash was compelled to stay at the diner where had had a meal and was asked by the bartender to pay before leaving.

However, much to his annoyance, Ash realised that he has no money left and the rest of the cash was with Pablo, who was on another mission with Kelly.

Meanwhile, Amanda finally found the whereabouts of Ash and decided to get him this time with the help of a reinforcement. Even though she tried hard, Ash evaded her men and successfully managed to escape, leaving Amanda both angry and frustrated.