In the latest episode of "Ash vs Evil Dead", titled "The Killer of the Killers", it seems Ash will come across something that will change everything he knew about the Nerconomicon and Deadites till now.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Ash undergoes an awakening, while Pablo and Kelly make an ominous discovery.

According to Spoilers Guide, the new episode will be much gorier and shocking than the previous ones as a significant discovery will be made by Pablo and Kelly.

The website has said the killer of killers, a prominent element of all the movies in the Evil Dead franchise, will visit Ash's world in the upcoming episode.

However, if this new version of killer of killers is a human being, Ruby will likely make her first on-screen appearance with Ash and they will confront each other, something fans have been speculating for a long time.

The previous episode also mentioned that Ruby possesses Ash's disembodied hand, which was cut brutally in the first sequel of the Evil Dead movies. It seems that the hand has a life of its own and it is still alive.

Ruby is using the disembodied hand as a compass as it is desperately trying to reunite with its owner and through it, Ruby wants to reach Ash.

The synopsis also says the episode will see Ash having a new awakening that will change all his memories regarding the Deadites and the Necronomicon. Nevertheless, the focus of the episode will be Pablo and Kelly making a new discovery that will leave them shocked.

In the previous episode titled "The Host", Ash and Pablo discovered Kelly was possessed by the demon they summoned back at the bookstore. With the help of Pablo's uncle, they tried to exorcise the demon before it was too late. Meanwhile, Ruby and Fisher were hot on Ash's trail.