Lee Shi Kyung might call it quits with Kim Bom in the upcoming episode of Andante.KBS

Andante, the teenage romance drama, will focus on the relationship between Lee Shi Kyung and Kim Bom when the show returns with episode 7 this Sunday, November 5, at 10.10 AM KST.

New behind-the scene stills tease a change in the relationship for the onscreen couple. One of the images shows Lee Shi Kyung furiously confronting Kim Bom. In the next photo, Kim Bom sadly looks at Lee Shi Kyung and the third still shows him turning his face from her.

The duo might call it quits in the seventh episode because of a lie Kim Bom told Lee Shi Kyung in the sixth episode. She was just trying to help her lover after seeing him struggling to find the expensive diamond ring, which he got from a grandmother at Hospice hospital.

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Kim Bom was feeling responsible for losing the ring and she wanted to help Lee Shi Kyung. So, she bought a new ring in instalment and started working as a part-timer at a dating service centre to pay back the instalment.

Lee Shi Kyung will find out about the ring in the upcoming episode. The promo for Andante episode 7 shows him getting the original ring from his classmate Eom Yong Gi. "This is what you were searching for like crazy in the forest, right?" Eom Yong Gi asks Lee Shi Kyung before giving him the ring.

The preview also shows Lee Shi Kyung celebrating his birthday with all his friends. During the celebration, Lee Shi Young tries to remind her grandmother, Sung Byoung Sook, about her previous meeting with Kim Bom.

Watch the trailer below:

Click here to watch Andante episode 7 live online on KBS1 at 10.10 AM KST. Korean drama lovers can also watch the mini-series online here.