America's Next Top Model
Pictured: A still from cycle 23 of America's Next Top Model.Facebook/America's Next Top Model

Cycle 23 episode 2 of America's Next Top Model will return to VH1 on Monday, December 19, at 10pm ET. It will see judge Law Roach roping in his favourite client, Zendaya, to help coach the girls before their first runway show. Watch the episode live using the VH1 app.

The 14 contestants that made it to the second round will take part in their first runway show of the competition on Monday, and the sneak peek of the episode showed Paige landing in trouble with Binta for touching the clothes on the rack. Binta asks her to keep her hands off the clothes, and in an on-camera interview she says it isn't professional to touch the clothes on the rack as it could get them fired.

The promo also shows Roach revealing that he will be styling them for the event and that he would treat them the same way he treats other professional models.

Where to watch:

America's Next Top Model airs Mondays on VH1. Although it is available for online streaming, it isn't free. Viewers will need subscription with a cable provider to watch the show online using the VH1 app.

In other news, Rita Ora, who is the host of the show, opened up to ET about taking on the job from Tyra Banks and revealed that she hoped to take Banks legacy forward. "[Tyra] is so supportive. She is the queen," Ora told ET. "This was never filling anyone's shoes -- this was a taking her legacy and really making it our own with a new panel," she added. The singer added that Banks will continue her involvement in the show, as she was still the executive producer.

Tune in to America's Next Top Model at 10 pm ET on VH1.