Popular south Indian actress Khushbu Sundar (Khushboo/Kushboo) lost her cool and slapped a Congress party worker in the face after he misbehaved with her during a rally in Bangalore on Wednesday. [Scroll to down to see slapping video]

Khushbu Sundar was in Bangalore to campaign for Congress-JDS alliance candidate Rizwan Arshad on April 10. Thousands of the party workers had gathered near the house of Rizwan. The actress came out of his residence along with Rizwan and Shantinagar MLA Nalapad Ahmed Haris and was heading towards the vehicle meant for the rally when the person misbehaved with her.

A video featuring Khushbu Sundar slapping the person is creating ripples in the social media. This video does not offer any clarity on the misbehaviour of the person. But a policeman pushes him back soon after she slapped him. Both the person and the police are panicked and one can make out from the facial expressions that they are clueless about what made her lose cool on the occasion.

Khushbu Sundar campaigns for Congress MP candidate Rizwan Arshad in Bangalore
Khushbu Sundar campaigns for Congress MP candidate Rizwan Arshad in BangaloreCollage of photos taken from Twitter

Khushbu Sundar retweeted the post of Sagay Raj P, who shared the slapping video and wrote, "This is called Kapala Moksha in Kannada. @khushsundar slapped a man who tried to misbehave with her while campaigning for Bengaluru Central Candidate. Even a few lady reporters who are subjected to this kind of harassment should learn from Kushboo. #LokSabhaElections2019"

Some people mocked and trolled the Congress party, saying that both the leaders and party workers are the same. A netizen with a handle @LightDemUp took a dig at Khushbu Sundar, by replying, "Reality of Congress workers and Congress leaders @khushsundar #CongressAbortsIndia."

In reply, Khushbu Sundar tweeted, "Reality?? So you say the women in your family will and should keep quite and tolerate the abuse of some sick men around?? Whatte shame that a woman has raised a loser like you..my mother has taught me to be brave and I am just that..and @INCIndia is proud of such women.."

Talking to media after this rally, Rizwan Arshad said that he spoke to Khushbu Sundar and she said that she slapped him because he misbehaved with her. This kind of incidents is common when thousands of people are gathered. The Congress leader added that he had asked the police to take action against the person and they have taken into their custody.

However, many of her fans have like the way Khushbu gave him a fitting reply on the spot.

Gerry Barnabas‏ @Gerrybarnab

You should have kicked that guy more...and ignore these scums who are provoking you. You are doing a great job.We all appreciate the hard work youre doing to bring about a positive change in society.More powers to you.

Saravanan Subramanian‏ @saravanansubra1

It's show your more Strong and bold women which is good lessons to all women those who getting abused give back immediately