20th Century Boy And Girl
Sa Jin Jin secretly meets Anthony in the upcoming episodes of 20th Century Boy And Girl.MBC

20th Century Boy And Girl, the MBC romantic comedy drama, also known as Children Of 20th Century, will be back with episodes 15 and 16 this Tuesday, October 31, at 10 PM KST.

The upcoming episodes will focus on the friendship between actress Sa Jin Jin and investment banker Gong Ji Won while featuring former idol Anthony's secret crush on the actress. Before getting into the details, here is quick recap of episodes 13 and 14.

Sa Jin Jin and Gong Ji Won could not go for a movie date due to a previously scheduled press meet of We Got Married. During the press meet, Anthony told the reporters that he was a fan of Sa Jin Jin. It was surprising for everybody to hear those words from a former idol and his manager, Choi Jung Eun, surely did not like it.

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Anthony's manager seems to have a secret crush on him. She allowed him to work with Sa Jin Jin just for popularity. Thanks to Sa Jin Jin and the variety show, We Got Married, Anthony is now one of the most searched celebrities in South Korea. Choi Jung Eun could now try to get rid of Sa Jin Jin and the viewers will get to know more about it in the upcoming episodes.

The promo for episodes 15 and 16 of 20th Century Boy And Girl shows Sa Jin Jin secretly attending a fan meeting of Anthony. Although she goes undercover, somebody recognises her and forces her to join him in the event.

The video then shows someone offering a drink to Sa Jin Jin. After drinking it, the actress feels uncomfortable and gets admitted in hospital. Could it be Anthony's manager?

Watch the trailer below:

Click here to watch 20th Century Boy And Girl episodes 15 and 16 live online tonight at 10 pm KST on MBC.

The latest episodes of the Korean mini-series will also be available online on various streaming sites, such as Viki and DramaFever.